Many people have spent their lives struggling with self confidence. I myself have been caught in the maw of discouragement. I let others control my life and I let their opinions waver my decisions. There are millions of people today going through similar challenges. Do you feel anxious or smothered with insecurities in your life? In this post I’m going to talk about doubt and how it plagues our mind with uncertainty and fear.


Doubt is responsible for more failures than anything else in the world. It is the antithesis of faith, an illness of the mind. The traitor that kills effort, smothers ambition, and decimates self confidence. Doubt is a paralyzing force. The longer you remain subservient to it, the harder it is to escape its iron grip. You will become a victim of discouragement, at that point you are a bystander of your own crime. your worst enemy is not outside of you, but inside.

Faith connects us to our divine power. The power that gives us our supernatural ability to achieve the unachievable. Faith is not disturbed by fear or doubt, it disregards the criticism and discouragement of others. Through faith, the compass of your heart will steer you in the right direction.




Taking the time to breathe and spend time with yourself allows you to reboot and your brain to unwind. You’ll feel energized, stronger, ready to take on the world. Constant motion prevents you from engaging in deep thought. Give yourself a chance to discover and find your own voice.



There’s this myth that putting yourself first makes you a terrible person, I learned the hard way that selfishness is a key to success. Maintaining your standards and not allowing your boundaries to be pushed will develop a level of self respect. Falling in love with yourself is essential to a stable and abundant lifestyle. Your relationships will flourish and more importantly you will gain control over yourself and your emotions.



Your core values fuel your decisions and motivation. If you hold your health to high standards, your actions will align with preserving your health. Knowing and trusting your values could save you years worth of your time. You will grow more in tune with your inner voice, becoming a person of means with an established code. Your thoughts will be more focused  and filled with passion. Everything is within yourself, trust this to be true and everything you do will lead to great things.



Your inner circle could build or destroy you. Your friends are contagious, you could catch their insecurities or misery like a cold. Involving yourself with these kinds of people could end in your downfall. Instill in yourself all things good and you will radiate outward, we are manifesting creatures so we must fear the power of infection. Surround yourself with people that uplift, and encourage you and life will bless you with abundance.



Spend some time finding the root of your doubt, you cannot overcome something if first you don’t recognize it. Analyze your feelings and question the foundation of it, you may be holding insecurities that don’t belong to you. Get a handle on the area of your life you feel the most unsure about and rid yourself of that uncertainty. The next step is to take action, plan out a strategy on defeating your doubt and stick to it.


In the event that you choose to follow, never lower yourself or your standards to anything less than outstanding. Be selfish and always put yourself first. You must reinvent yourself, to be a great thinker you must know that your thoughts become your reality and we don’t care if that sounds cliche. Be certain of your gifts and abilities, commit to your work and bear the fruits of your labor.