Author: Raynard Harris

The Subtle Art Of Consciousness

There are all kinds of pretty names for ideological and religious beliefs systems, which people are willing to disagree and defend with passion. You can call yourself anything you want, but how do you apply honor when the situation calls for you to be honorable? How do you apply truth when you must be truthful, even against self-interest? If this is missing then what difference does it make what you call your belief system? How did you find your path that lead you to become aware of a greater calling? Something sparked that desire to carry the burden of...

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Impossible list

I’ve had a bucket list the size of a sticky note for as long as I can remember. Although, I never got around to doing anything on that list. I needed to challenge myself and take action now, the impossible list is that challenge. This list contains all the things I ever wanted to accomplish in my life. I got the idea from from Joel Runyon, the creator of the first Impossible List. Runyon has redefined your average bucket list and made into something that you can use to change your life instead of just stuff to do before...

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Many people have spent their lives struggling with self confidence. I myself have been caught in the maw of discouragement. I let others control my life and I let their opinions waver my decisions. There are millions of people today going through similar challenges. Do you feel anxious or smothered with insecurities in your life? In this post I’m going to talk about doubt and how it plagues our mind with uncertainty and fear. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DOUBT AND FAITH Doubt is responsible for more failures than anything else in the world. It is the antithesis of faith, an...

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