The big transformation

Our community’s history of struggle is profoundly deep, our fight for freedom has been a great one. We don’t have to abandon that identity moving forward, but we must leave behind fear, doubt, and other mental challenges that weighs in on our communities.

I want to break these chains we fashion in our minds. Through your help we will unlock the door of this self made prison in which we are confined. Opening a path of spiritual and economic freedom

Now I’m asking you… 

Would you join me?

We have got to empower our people, to work against our mental servitude, and become leaders in our communities. Inspire each other to use our minds while transforming our culture of responsibility and a code of conduct between us. That unwritten code will allow us leave that servitude behind. Building a network of leaders to use their minds and better their communities, while supporting each other.

About Me

My name is Raynard Harris, a sailor in the United States Navy. I focus on pushing my limits and becoming a better version of myself. I started this blog because i got tired, tired of being a victim of discouragement and depression. My spirits were low, so I decided to pursue a path of perseverance and self improvement. I hope to inspire you great thinkers to join me on this path to better yourself and your community.