There are all kinds of pretty names for ideological and religious beliefs systems, which people are willing to disagree and defend with passion. You can call yourself anything you want, but how do you apply honor when the situation calls for you to be honorable? How do you apply truth when you must be truthful, even against self-interest? If this is missing then what difference does it make what you call your belief system?

How did you find your path that lead you to become aware of a greater calling? Something sparked that desire to carry the burden of being conscious and the responsibility of that consciousness. Consciousness has empathy, it understands that not everyone thinks the same. It is abandoning the comforts of a slave and walking upright as a free human, the air you breathe is yours, the thoughts in your head are yours and your path is yours.



Conscious people are never exhausted in pursuit of the truth. But truth is not true without balance. All political driven people, race-centric, etc. claim to be telling “the truth” most of it is factual, but facts alone do not construct truths. The veracity of the truth is that you probably will not like it all the time. Truth comes in any direction and can come from anyone. Truth is universal you can even hear it in a babies whisper. We need to seek truth wherever it exist, whenever it exist, from whoever is speaking it.



The state of ignorance is a slave state. Ignorance comes in black skin, white skin, in every ideology, and religion, it spares no one. To truly be conscious means to be prepared to interrogate every aspect of the status quo. Consciousness has a conscious process of interrogation and it always seek to learn more to reveal its truth and have greater clarity.



We, those living today with freedom and education, must accept full responsibility for our condition today. It is natural to defend yourself and apologize or wash your own blemishes with explanation on top of explanation. But that is not growth and it’s certainly not consciousness. What happened is what happened and we should study that to understand it, so it will not happen again. You must own your future by owning your past. Taking ownership is the first step to restoring humanity.



Remember there is nothing on earth that is incorruptible. All religions, belief systems, social idealism, etc. suffer from internal corruption. We must always be reflexive at all times to make sure the ideals and virtues stay their intended course and serve their intended mission.